Membership Types

The Latin Recording Academy offers two types of memberships: Voting and Associate. Both memberships have different eligibility criteria. However, both have the same benefits, except voting, which is only reserved for Voting Members.

Voting Member

Voting members are the creative and technical professionals of a musical recording.
Below you will find the requisites to become a Voting member:
- A minimum of 6 credits* (songs) released within the last 5 years. The recordings must be at least 51% in Spanish or Portuguese
- Proof of album distribution (physical or digital). You can use websites such as CD baby, Amazon, or iTunes for digital releases. Provide proof of distribution through physical outlets
- Credits must be accompanied by verifiable documentation. A scan or photo from the physical album (front, back, liner notes) or an profile if the recording has only been distributed digitally - The credits must fall in one of the eligibility categories: vocalist/singer, music producer (Executive Producer does NOT qualify), songwriter, composer, engineer, musician, arranger, conductor, art director, photographer, liner notes writer, spoken word/narrator, video producer or director

*Credit definition: Songs or tracks in a musical recording. A version of a song in different genres does not qualify as a new credit.

Associate Member

This classification is for:
A. Professionals that work within the Latin music industry such as managers, publicists, executive producers, etc
B. Professionals who do not have the required credits (6 minimum) or documentation for Voting membership
Below you will find the requisites to become an Associate member:
- Brief bio of your role within the Latin music industry
- Business Card
- Company website in which your participation within the Latin music industry is included

The Latin Academy encourages all applicants to send in as much information as possible. *The Latin Recording Academy® reserves the Right of Admission and approves membership according to the evaluation of the material submitted.