Participation Certificates

The Participation Certificate process is currently closed. We will be re-opening the process for new requests early next year. At this time, we are NOT accepting new requests.

The Latin Recording Academy is pleased to offer customized participation certificates which recognize anyone who was creatively or professionally involved in a Latin GRAMMY-winning or Latin GRAMMY-nominated recording.

Who is eligible? Musicians, composers, publishers, studios, and labels may apply for a participation certificate with proof of participation in a Latin GRAMMY-winning or Latin GRAMMY-nominated recording.

Participants on Latin GRAMMY-winning or Latin GRAMMY-nominated recordings from past years can also order new or replacement certificates for any previous orders. Certificates are 8.5" x 11" with customized information. Certificates are printed on heavy, ivory stock, embossed with the official Latin Recording Academy shield. Certificates are shipped unframed with a protective folder.

For each certificate:

Complete the Special Certificate Order Form:

  • Include the name, recording, awards year, and role on the recording.

  • Provide a physical mailing address (not a PO Box) and contact information for delivery.

Upload Proof of Participation: Proof is required for each requested certificate.

  • A certificate will not be issued without proof or evidence of the participant’s involvement.

  • We exclusively acknowledge official label credits, physical CD credits, or Allmusic credits as valid forms of substantiating participation.

  • We will compare your uploaded credits to the official credits submitted by the label during our entry process.

  • Multiple pages of information should be combined into a single document.

  • No emails, text messages, or other non-official forms of documentation.

Provide payment:

  • Certificates are $150.00 each, including handling fees.

  • Any major credit card can be used as payment for online orders.

  • Ordering online is recommended as the fastest and most secure way to order certificates.