Membership FAQ

1. Who can be a member of The Latin Recording Academy?

To qualify as a member of The Latin Recording Academy you must be actively involved in the Latin music industry.

2. What is the difference between a Voting Member and Associate Member?

The Voting Member is a creative or technical professional who qualifies in one of the eligibility categories found in the Membership Application (e.g. instrumentalist, record producer, engineer, singer, artist, songwriter, composer, etc.). The Associate Member is a person who is involved in the recorded music industry (e.g. manager, administrative, publicist, executive producer) and/or whose credits do not meet the required credits to become a Voting Member.

3. What is considered a credit?

A credit is a single or a track that is at least 51% in Spanish or Portuguese (unless this is instrumental musicin which other rules apply). The single or track would have to be recorded and commercially distributed.

4. What is an accepted proof of distribution?

A valid proof of distribution is a links to virtualmusic stores such as, iTunes, Amazon, cdbaby, CDUniverse, or any other music store known in Latin America. We also accept credits from a physical store, such as a letter certifying the distribution of the credits.

5. What is a DUAL Membership?

A DUAL Membership refers to Membership for both LARAS (The Latin Recording Academy) and NARAS (Recording Academy). For more information on Dual Membership, please contact (Tel. 866-794-3391).

6. What is the cost to become a Member?

The cost to become a member varies and is based on the country where you reside (to view cost, please refer to membership application).

7. What are the payment methods accepted?

We accept credit card,check, money order or wire transfer.