Circle of Producers and Engineers


The Circle of Producers and Engineers (CPI by its meaning in Spanish) is an initiative of The Latin Recording Academy that has invited a small group of professionals to discuss and establish an initial group representing the voice of producers and engineers. After its planning and incorporation stage, the CPI will be dedicated to fostering excellence in audio engineering and music production through education projects, and will also advocate in favor of innovation and the advancement of recorded Latin music worldwide.


A key element in the CPI’s strategy is to use education as a way to approach new generations of music technicians and professionals while facilitating human, and technical resources through and for its members. Among specific activities for the CPI:

Provide educational events that promote Latin music values while keeping close to our cultural roots following the highest industry standards and best practices.

Coordinate efforts with the Latin GRAMMY Cultural Foundation, to expand the education to younger and more diverse audiences, others than those kids aiming to become technicians of sound recording professionals.

Promote audition health and establish educational projects to educate young music lovers about noise-induced hearing loss threats


The CPI is committed to supporting producers and engineers within their communities in the following way:

Raise the profile of the activity and increase the understanding of the producers and engineers value as artistic co-creators in the arts of sound recording

Provide the members with networking opportunities while creating opportunities to discuss critical issues related to the music industry and to those who participate in the production area

Coordinate efforts with The Recording Academy’s P&E Wing as needed.


The knowledge and expertise of producers and engineers is unique. Its role within the music community as co-creators in the art of sound recording gives them a distinct perspective. The CPI will be committed to serving as an advisor to The Latin Recording Academy in the following manner:

Voice ideas and concerns of The Latin Recording Academy producers and engineers regarding the creation or modification of Latin GRAMMY Award categories.

Provide advice when requested, in matters of giving recognition or paying homage to living legends in the production and engineering fields.

Advise in technical matters when requested concerning nomination processes (categories like Best Engineered Album, Producer of the Year and Record of the Year, to name some).