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The Board of Trustees…

The Board of Trustees that oversees the Latin Recording Academy recently held its annual meeting in the Dominican Republic. The members of the Board give away their time, knowledge, experience and contacts pro bono and they do it because they believe in the organization, its future and the wellness of music and its creators.  They meet personally twice a year, and then each one of them participates individually or through committees in different aspects related to the Latin Academy.

The Board is headed by a Chairman of the Board, Vice-Chair, Treasurer, Secretary and counts with the support and guidance of the President of The Recording Academy.

The committees that exist nowadays are mostly spearheaded by Trustees. Among others: The Governance and Nominating Committee; the Finance Committee; Executive Committee, Special Awards & Hall of Fame Committee; TV Committee and any other that requires from their attendance.

All the other Committees (mostly those that have to do with the Awards Process) are joined by the membership.  Among them: A&N Committee; Review Committees and Nominating Committees.

The Board of Trustees receives specific proposals or initiatives from the different committees that can span from budgeting issues, audit reports and project proposals to electing the Latin Recording Academy Person of the Year, creating or reducing Award categories or authorizing mission related initiatives such as Latin GRAMMY in the Schools, Cultural Activities or Special Exhibits; to name just a few.

The Membership…

The Latin Recording Academy is a member based organization.  The members participate by either voting; working as part of some of the committees; or, by proposing ideas or projects in line with the Mission of the organization.  As in life, there are members who are a little bit more active than others.  There are creative folks and business oriented professionals.  Everyone has something to add and propose to continue building our Academy’s future.  As we have mentioned, the idea is to make the Latin Recording Academy the place to go for anything music related.

Members who distinguish themselves by their involvement and passion, are identified by the ad hoc Committees of the Board in order to incorporate them into the formal decision making process.

The Staff…
The Latin Recording Academy has offices in Miami, Florida and Los Angeles, California. In these two cities we house the Awards; Finance; Membership; Business Development, Executive Office; and, Production Departments.  We receive support from our sister organization: The Recording Academy, mostly in the areas of production; creative services; communications; I.T. and human resources.

We also retain independent consulting services that have to do with the creative part (musicians, producers, arrangers); technical aspects (sound engineers, lightning; video recording)  or others such as media and communications, public relations or security.

All of the above allows The Latin Recording Academy meet its annual goals.  For more information feel free to interact with us via Facebook ( or Twitter (@LatinGRAMMYs) or feel free to visit us in any of our addresses. 

Gabriel Abaroa
The Latin Recording Academy

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