The Latin GRAMMY Corner

The following story reminds me of a movie featuring Leslie Nielsen in which nobody knew where was the pilot of the airplane which, regardless, was still flying …

Somehow our web page has become the pilot flying our communication airship and I've received quite a few complaints and emails asking me: Where is our Web Page?

The answer is as follows: a few months ago we, at the Latin Recording Academy, decided to refresh and modernize our Web Page, to make it more attractive, more functional and simpler. In the process I decided to not update the contributions to what we call the Latin GRAMMY Corner.

There is no question that we had great expectations for the updating of the Web Page. But, in the process, we confronted many challenges that have delayed our project. Because of this, I've decided not wait until we are ready to introduce our new page and, instead, resume updating The Latin GRAMMY Corner.

Our annual train has left the station, and it's full of news.

The process of registering product eligible to participate in the 13th Annual Latin GRAMMY Awards began with a massive participation of our membership. It is possible that this is due in part to having the choice of online registration, which allows the members to list their product in a dynamic way. Another reason might be that there are more members who understand the process and use it. And a third alternative is that simply, more and more people want to participate of an event that has continued to grow significantly year after year.

Whatever the reason, in 2012 we expect more than 6,000 entries participating in the pursue of the Latin GRAMMY. This is good for the music and very good for the music community.


Another fresh and positive piece of news to share with you is how close we are to reaching the one million followers mark in Twitter. If our projections hold true, in a few days we will be celebrating the arrival of our follower number ONE MILLION in this important social network.

If you are still not participating, visit us and comment it on Twitter: @LatinGRAMMYs.

Finally, and after a long process that involved the Screening Committees, the Nominating Committees, Special Committees (such as Production, Music Video and Record Packaging) and the Awards Committee, several proposals were presented to the Board of Trustees of the Latin Recording Academy.

It resulted in changes in the Pop, Tropical, Alternative, Brazilian and Rock categories, and in the number of nominees in the four General Categories (Record of the Year, Album of the Year, Song of the Year and Best New Artist) which increases from five to a maximum of 10. With this move, The Latin Recording Academy makes room for more artists and more recordings representing a vast region that encompasses all of Ibero-America. We'll see what happens.

What we cannot and will not do is rest in our laurels. The Latin Recording Academy is like our music: dynamic, vigorous and constantly evolving.

Let's hope all our members participate with their hearts, their talent, their experience and great affection for what this organization means these days.

And let's go for many more Awards!

Gabriel Abaroa


The Latin Recording Academy